Top professional athletes deserve salaries that are counted in the thousands and millions of dollars, as they deserve  claps and cheerings of thousands and millions of people. Top athletes are always in the public’s eyes, everyone is watching them, they are the center of the stadium. Nowadays top athletes are well prepared, they have practiced all their lives, that’s how they are, were they are. Millions of people want to be in that unique place, there are no 10 first places. There is only one first place, and a lot of people are willing to do anything to be in that place.

Some top athletes are more famous than celebrities. When they are playing, they are the center of the universe, every eye in the stadium is on them. That’s were they perform the magic.  They have all the pressure in their shoulders, the millions of fans waiting for them to win, the fans of the opposite team or person, waiting for their mistake. The media, newspapers, sports analysts, criticize what they do wrong or what they don’t do. Even if that pressure is not enough, they have to endure the most oppressive pressure, the personal pressure. The pressure of loosing, of being defeated by the opposition, of owing theirselves a win for all those hours of hard work, the thousands sweat drops  and uncontrollable fatigue.

Today’s top athletes, are the persons who have practiced and have been trained all their lives. They are not just lucky people or persons who take the profession as a hobby, they are people who dedicated their entire lives to the sport. They sacrificed parties, friends, comfort, rest and even their own well-being, for being where they are right now, in the top of the world. Athletes, some seventy or ninety years ago, weren’t as dedicated as athletes are now. They practiced sports as a hobby, not as a profession. They were butchers, construction workers, or janitors, that after their work they went and play.  Today’s top professional athletes dedicate their complete lives to the sport. They train every day. For example, Michael Phelps didn’t take a day off for five years straight. He spent 1,825 consecutive days in the water, that is including holidays, post competition days and everything. They take care of everything, like their diet, strategy, sleep time, injury-avoiding exercises, study their opponent, concentration exercises, and even the suits they use to compete. They are prepared for every situation that may happen.

Top athlete is a very pursued “job”. Almost everyone who plays a sport, that’s like millions of people, dreams of becoming the best. Of course very few actually achieve it. Those who achieve it, is because they are better than the others, they have defeated the others in the race for being counted as the small group of people who are called the best. For being better than so many people takes hours of effort and perseverance. When an athlete is good enough to be counted as one of the best, between millions of people who are trying to be where he is, of course he deserves such a high compensation, they were able to conquer what millions couldn’t, so those thousands and millions of dollars are one of the many compensations that they surely deserve.

Top professional athletes deserve their salaries and much more, the respect of their opponents, the love of their fans, and the cheerings of the crowd. In a profession that millions of people try to get a small number of vacancies and just a few people achieve it, the salaries should be as they are or even better. Some of these athletes should be treated as heroes, because as good athletes they are some are good persons too, that have to withstand pressure that some people would suicide with. They inspire millions of persons. They are perfect role models. Some people think the best compensation for an athlete is his salary, but I think that the best compensation for an athlete is living forever in a records book or in the hall of fame.