Who Makes A Better Leader

Would you sacrifice your life for someone that you fear or will you do it for someone that you love? A lot of people would do it for fear, because they are afraid of the consequences. However more people would do it for love, because they want to help, and when it is related to team work helping is better than anything. A good leader has to “Prove It All Night” as they say, he has to devote himself fully to his people and never give up. Someone that stands out, and makes people connect and work together to achieve the same purpose whenever is needed. To be a good leader you need to be positive, you have to see always the best side of the situation.

A good leader is someone that will make you do things because you are willing to do it and not because it is your obligation. In order to do that the leader has to show the same or more interest than you. The leader would transmit his confidence, his desire and his knowledge to other people furthermore he would be with you every time you need him. The leader would prove that he is always available and devoted to fight for success. Even if your cause seems lost he would stand out and never give up.

A good leader would be like a hidden ace, every time the situation seems impossible the leader would stand out and guide the group to success. Meanwhile a leader that is feared would have a harder time working with groups and make them work as a team. A good leader has to accept feedback from his crew, so he can realize the mistakes he’s making and how they feel about him besides a leader that is feared would not receive any feedback. The leader has to admit his mistakes with a positive attitude.

A leader that is feared would work in a negative environment moreover every job or activity that needs to be done would be treated with a negative attitude because of the feelings that working together represents. An essential key to excellence is positivism. If you do anything in a proper way and with a positive attitude, it is more likely that you would succeed at it. A good leader needs to be positive and able to transmit that positivism to his team. Someone who is a good leader would search for the best side of the problem, as well he would see the glass “half full” instead of seeing it “half empty”

Someone who is loved would be a better leader than someone who is feared. A good leader would make you feel comfortable with who you are and would make you feel happy of what you’re doing. The best leader would always be with you whenever you need him and he would stand out when he’s most needed. A good leader would always be positive and able to transmit he’s strengths to his team even when the cause seems lost. A good leader can make the difference between success and failure.