This is a very interesting article. Someday I will need all of this advice, and when I need it I would read this article again and use some of this tactics to get some chicks. Sometimes we are really shy and we don’t know what to say, what to do or even how to act, so some advice will suit us well. Each girl is different, so you have to use different methods wich each one. Besides if you think on the consequences what is the worst thing that can happen to you? You will just probably get a big round NO from the girl and you can go to another girl. Because there are millions of fishes in the sea right?

Some of the advice in this article are kind of obvious and besides you should just follow your instincts and be yourself. Because if you pretend to be someone else you will have to pretend it for the rest of your life so this girl accepts you. Because if you pretend to be someone else and then you suddenly act like your real self she will notice and she will realize that you have been lying the whole time.

Maybe a girl likes you because of the messy disorder you are. I also can relate to this article because some of the things that are in there had already happened to me. The most important thing is to be yourself because a girl who loves you will like they way you are. A girl should understand how hard is to be perfect. I sometimes have a lot of trouble keeping it real, because girls have trouble accepting my perfection. No, but really a girl should understand that no one can be perfect and if they are still expecting the perfect guy or the prince to be with her they will wait all their live.