It would really suck if Rapture was the day of my graduation because all those 15 years of hard work, doing thousands of homework, surviving a whole year of british literature and keeping up with all this people would be wasted. Well at least I was able to complete school, and I would probably be celebrating and under the influence when Rapture happens. So maybe I would be able to enjoy Rapture and see it in a different way. I imagine Rapture as the movie 2012, like the world starts falling apart slowly and painfully. So Guatemala be flooded by tsunamis and we will die rather fast.

It would be nice if we knew when rapture is going to happen so we are able to organize a really huge-ass party and prepare to die. Maybe we even have time to build one of those big ships and we are able to save ourselves. If we get sentimental it would be awesome that Rapture happened on the day we graduated because I can’t imagine life without this people. Awww, how sweet I know. On the other hand I actually want to know what will I become when I grow up and what will my friends will become. I actually want to be there when I’m more succesful and them and I can laugh and gloat.