I have a lot of questions to ask myself when I grow up, this is probably because I have a lot of dreams and I want to know what happens to them? I know I should wait until things happen and try not to rush and enjoy my life step by step, but I am eager to know what I will become. I would like to know what right choices did I took, or what mistakes did I commit, but everything will come at its time.

First I would like to know if I study what I like in college? Does my career is interesting to me? This is probably because now I’m having a lot of trouble in deciding where I want to study, in the U.S. or in here. I want to know if the career
I followed was the right one? If the job I have is the job I always dreamed about? One of my biggest dreams is being successful in my job and work on a big company.

Some years from now this will just seem ridiculous because I will already know all the answers. For example when I was younger I always dreamed about my graduation and the famous “Semana de Graduandos” everyone talk about. Of course I don’t expect my life to be perfect and that I accomplish every dream I have. I want to work at something I really like and I want to be a successful professional. I also want to be able to provide everything my children require in order to make them as happy as I can.  I also wonder about my family. Will I get married to the girl that’s the one for me? Am I going to be happy with her? Are we going to be a united family? All this question will have the answer at its time, but for now, I just want to keep living my life.