This was a very special article because I can totally relate to it. It is very funny because some of this strategies to procrastinate are the ones I use the most. I procrastinate a lot, believe me. When I have a lot to do like homework, big projects, etc. I love to procrastinate.  When I think on what I have to do I get worried because I realize that it is a lot! But then I suddenly get distracted. Because I get distracted really easy. I start by opening a new word document, I write on the heading and when it is time to actually start thinking and writing I do everything else but write. Everything seems more important that actually do my homework, also everything is way more interesting (unless it is a British Lit homework).

The paper is right when it says that everyone does it. Because I bet everyone does. Sometimes I feel better thinking on other people procrastinating because I’m sure there is people who procrastinate more than me, and this people is actually on the same class as me.  We are all lazy and I bet no one likes doing in homework (well, I hope so) and we make all kind of crap to avoid doing it.

I like this kind of articles, I know I say it every time but it is true. I guess you are good choosing interesting/funny/good essays.  This is very special because we can relate to it.  The only bad thing is that you now know the things we do to avoid doing our homework.