I have never been on the NYC subway but I’ve been on the Chicago Subway, maybe they are alike in some ways. When I rode it, it was sometime in mid-summer, I rode it in the middle of the morning so it was kinda empty. Luckily for me I got to sat on a one-person-seat instead of the big, long benches across the train. I got on the train a little far from the downtown, so the few people who were on it seemed normal. As the subway got closer and closer to downtown a lot of people start getting in. There were every kind of person you can possibly imagine, businessmen, tourists, homeless, black guys, white guys, normal guys, etc. For me it seemed pretty natural because after all, it is public transportation. When we were exactly in downtown Chicago I remember this guy who got in the train completely shirtless, just with his swimming suit, it felt pretty awkward because he was half-naked and we were all very close to each other. But then I thought about it and I would do it to, you know. Mid-Summer, 104°, vacations, and a train going to the lake, he just seemed smarter than anybody else.

The way the guy describes the subway on his story is very funny to me because I can imagine that besides the fact that I rode the metro just one time and I was able to see that kind of weird stuff, imagine riding it every day. I wouldn’t know what to do on  situation, so besides funny I think it will be very useful if I someday ride the train again.