Through all the book I kept telling my self that I didn’t like it, that the plot was not interesting, that the characters were lame and I even started hating Jean-Baptiste Clamence. When I finished reading the book I it felt awkward because I realized that I had actually like it, maybe not all, but at least some parts. I think that Clemence is a very negative character, he thinks that everyone is two-faced and has bad intentions. He says everyone is like him, doing good things but only “for the audience”. When nobody is watching they get back to the state of evil and hypocrisy. A perfect example of his attitude is when he fights to help the blind cross the street. Everyone is watching, and when they had already crossed it he tips his hat even though the blind can’t notice that, but it was meant for the crowd to see that detail.

I think the fall refers to a specific period in the time of Clemence’s life. Before, he was a very succesful person, or that was the lie he was living in and believe it blindly. He help the needed often, of course for the audience but still he helped them, he pleased everybody else, he even said he was the best at everything, he was almost perfect. Then it came “the fall” and that’s when he realized that he is living a huge lie, everything he does has to have a double meaning. That’s when he starts imagining that the rest of the people already realized that also, he imagines that they trip him on purpose and they stared at him secretly laughing. After that he stops thinking that he was perfect and realizes that he has probably more flaws than the rest of the people. The most important thing is that he realized that he was doing everything right but from a wrong point of view.