In my opinion Shelley is right. Relationships have to be difficult because we are not perfect, so every now and then we have to make mistakes, we can’t even pretend we are perfect or pretend our couple is perfect.  I think that instead of always trying to be perfect and stop being theirselves in order for someone to like them, people should complement and understand each other. When someone on the relationship makes a mistake the other should understand him or her and try to find a solution. After all relationships are about teamwork. If a relationship will work it needs that both persons have to understand each other and have some type of chemistry. For it to work out there needs to be compatibility. You have to make the right decisions when you chose a couple because you will spend a lot of time with that person and maybe you will live and share kids with that person, so the decision of choosing a right couple is necessary. Love is essential in a relationship, but it will not make up for everything, love is powerful but there are some things that can’s be fixed just with love.

So I think that when you chose your partner you should chose someone who is very similar to you becase you will have to share a lot of common things in so the relationship wil work.  You should share things like the values, intelligence, and the way of thinking. But you should also be very different in some things like the type of food he likesand other things.  Because maybe you will be able to discover new things.