I think that this type of writing is very difficult to understand, but once you understand it, it gets very interesting. I think that Nietzsche is a very smart guy, and his way of seeing things is captivating. Nietzsche use a lot of metaphorical and profound thoughts and I believe that it relates clearly to the human mind and existence. I think that Nietzsche’s work is pretty awesome because to understand the human way of thinking is almost impossible due to its complexity and due to the fact that no one thinks alike.

A lot of of people live in their own world, believing things they want to believe even though they know that that things are not completely true. Some people are scared of the real world and of the things that happen every day, so they choose to live in a different world were they can control everything because they are scared. People don’t want to know all the horrible things that happen so they choose to ignore all the events and they try to not get involved in all the problems. That’s why I think that they are not interested in knowing everything, that’s why they prefer to live in ignorance.

The human mind is amazing! Some say that it works only half of its capacity and if  it worked to its full capacity we would be more advanced. They say that our mind is the most powerful thing we can have, and even though we don’t understand it completely we just know it is amazing.