Hi! My name is Mario. I’m 17 years-old. My favorite thing in the world is sports. I like all kind of sports but my favorites are basketball, soccer, football, tennis, and baseball. I’m in love with a team and that’s Barca or Fc Barcelona. I really like that team and most of the things that I write will be about Barca. I also like music, the type of music I like the most is Hip-Hop or Rap. I love Eminem. Another thing I love is my friends. I really like to hang out with them, and do every kind of things with them.

I love reading, and I’m not saying it just because this is literature class, but because it is true. Most of the things I read are not even homework. My favorite authors are J.K. Rowling, Christopher Paolini and Suzanne Collins. I’m not sure if I have a favorite book but I think that between Harry Potter, Eragon and The Hunger Games, lays my favorite one. I like to read different kinds of things and a lot of the books that I’ve read are recommendations from friends. I kind of stop reading this year because I have to study for my SAT.

I have made up my mind since like four years ago, when I went on an exchange student trip to Minnesota. I loved living in the U.S. and I definitely want to go back. That’s why since last year I’m taking classes and studying for my SAT because I really want to get into a good University. As everyone else I have dreams, maybe mine are more of a long shot but still. I would love to go to Columbia or any other Ivy League University. My main goal is to study in the U.S. but it would definitely be better if I go to a good University. I also like University of Chicago; those two are my favorite universities. I want to study Economics, so New York would be the perfect place to study. Also my goal is to be a Stock Broker, so New York would even be the perfect place to work for me.