I’ve been in Valle Verde my whole life. Since I was three-years-old until now that I’m 17, I’ve spent 15 years of my life in this school. I have a lot of good memories that I will take with me. I like to laugh, so the majority of the memories I’m taking with me are the ones I laugh the most, that I’m able to remember. A lot of this memories are with my friends and classmates. I have spent so much time with them that they are like brothers to me.

One of the oldest memories I have is when we had to perform in a play, we were very young, I think   7 or 8 years-old.  Everyone was dressed different, according to the role they had to perform. They were a lot of funny customs but I think I had the funniest one. I was a presenter and I was dressed as a gift. We have a lot of pictures from that play, so now that we see them we all laugh at our customs but I think that I’m the one who everyone laughs the most.

One time I remember perfectly is when I was in fifth grade. I remember we were receiving class and I needed to go to the bathroom. So I ask my teacher if I could go and she said yes. So I went out and I saw three of my friends standing very still outside their class each one on a different spot. So I went  and ask the one that was closest to me what had happened and he said that they received a “boleta” or a report because getting late to class. So I laugh and went to the bathroom. When I was in the bathroom I heard a loud yell and I went out. My friend was kicking his report slip and the discipline director was yelling at him for that. He went to his office and when he came back he had received another report for “disrespecting the boleta”. We all laugh because now he had two reports and the reason of the second one was very funny.

I think this is one of the funniest memories I have off my school years. It was last year, 2010,  we were in 11th grade. We were at psychology class and the teacher told us that we have to make groups for an activity, this activity was going to be our final test for the unit, so we have to choose our groups carefully. So everyone started yelling around the class forming the groups. l everyone, including me, was already in a group, except two of my best friends and other girls. They were four girls and two boys and they have to make two groups of three. So the four girls made two different couples and they were just missing a boy to be complete.  One couple was really good academically and the other was really bad. So one of my friends told the other that he was sorry but he needed to be with the good group and he went with them. My other friend was shocked and disappointed and immediately started arguing because he wanted to be in that group too. My teacher had asked at the beginning of the class that one person had to go and pick a little paper to see in what order the groups were going to present. She had been watching all of this and she said “I remember you guys, that the one with the paper is the group leader and he is the one that makes his own group.” My friend who was left out realized that he had picked the paper and he smiled and said “Now I’m the one who is sorry” and he chose the good group. We all laughed very hard at this because this is a clear example of backfire.

School is my life, it is what I am. I know everyone just want to graduate and leave school, but I don’t. I can’t imagine my life without school and without my friends. I will definitely miss school, but everytime I remember this stories I laugh a lot and remember how much school means to me.