Joan was a 27-year-old woman from Pasadena, California. Fred was a 29-year-old man from New York City. They had met in a webpage called Joan was a very smart woman but she could not get a job because she suffered from ADD syndrome, she had been sick all her life so it had been pretty hard. She had to go to special schools, she was treated different, she had very few friends and  she was an outcast.  Fred was a very succesful businessman who worked at the stock market. She had to travel a lot because of his work.

The relationship between Joan and Fred was pretty normal for a couple in the XXI century. They talked every day on Skype or Facebook, they had online dates, they called each other, etc. They loved each other even though their pasts were completely different. Fred had a very good childhood and he did very well in college. He was the captain in the Basketball Team of Duke University, he would have been professional but a ankle injury ruined his sport career. In the other hand, Joan had had a very difficult childhood, he started her life going to normal schools but after being kicked out of a lot of them she started going to special schools for people with ADD. She was not a bad student but she had a really difficult time studying.

Fred had a lot of money and he liked his job but he still watched all the College and Nba games because he always thought he could be one of those players. After the job Fred always went to train Basketball. After dating online for a couple of weeks Fred saw on Facebook that Joan was “In a Relationship” with someone. When he saw the profile of that person he realized he knew him, he was a professional basketball player. Fred was really disappointed and invested all his money on a basketball team, unfortunately the basketball team ended with a losing record the next season and the team stocks went down in the market, so he lost all his money.

Meanwhile Joan was very. She didn’t work, she had all the money she wanted, she was famous, she had everything. Fred worked at in a supermarket as a cashier, he was living on a refugees house and he only carried a few possessions with him; a few clothes he had, and things that meant something special for him like a basketball signed by LeBron James when he was owner of the team. Joan was raising money for her foundation that helped poor kids in Africa, but she couldn’t find a way to raise enough money and fast because a lot of people was dying from a famine that was spreading throughout the country. So she had an idea, selling the ball LeBron James, the current MVP of the league to get money and help the people. She knew it was possible because Fred was still in love with her.

So she sent an inbox to Fred asking if they could meet for a coffee that afternoon. Fred was really ashamed because he had only a few clothes to wear and they were old and really used. So he had only one left thing to do, she was the love of his life so it wasn’t difficult to make the choice, he went and trade his ball for some good clothes with a friend in the refugees house. When she met Joan that day she asked him for the ball and she told the story to her, she was really disappointed and went asking for money to his current boyfriend. He said no, and left her because he thought she was only interested in his money. So Joan went back with Fred and they lived happily ever after.