If I could travel to any city or country in the world I would go to Barcelona in Spain. First it’s a city that I haven’t been there and I like to visit new places. Barcelona is also a city with a lot of history and a lot of touristic places that I can spend a lot of days visiting. In Barcelona they also speak a different language so I can learn a little bit of. But I think the most important reason is because that’s the place where the team I love is located at. The Football Club Barcelona, I LOVE IT. I love everything about it, it players, its uniforms, the way they play, their uniforms, their games! I have only missed two matches this season! If I could visit Barcelona I would stay in a hotel near the stadium, I would go to all their games, all their training sessions, I would just hang around the stadium doing nothing. They say that in Barcelona they sell every kind of stuff of their team, so I would buy everything, shirts, jackets, underwear, etc. I would stock the players when they came out of the training session and take pictures with every one of them.

If I could stay long enough I would take lessons about Catalá that it’s their official language. Barcelona is the second largest and most important city in Spain. Some players have restaurants around the city, so I definitely would have to try every single one of them. In Spain there’s a lot of important places to visit, like all the museums, the churches, the gothic arquitecture. Also another important place to visit is the Nou Camp, the stadium of the Football Club Barcelona, is was built in 1957 and expanded in 1982 so that’s also a historic place to include to your tour.

El Barca as everyone calls it was founded in 1899 by Joan Gamper. You see there’s also a little bit of history involved in this team. I think the most important piece of history Barca has is a building called La Masia were the inferior categories of the Football Club live and practice. The building was built in 1702 and a lot of the best players in the world had gone through it. In this important players I talk you about you may know some as Lionel Messi. He lived and practice in La Masia. They called it “The Fabric of Players”. After everything I had tell you about the Football Club Barcelona is almost imposibble that you are not in love with it.

So I will talk you about our mean, evil and sucky rival team, Real Madrid. They are from Madrid, the capital of Spain, and because they are from the capital they think they are better than anyone else. But they are wrong. So if I could have the chance to travel to another city in Spain it will definitely be Madrid. First of all to watch one of the Real Madrid’s games and laugh of how bad they play.Of course I would go sightseeing all around Madrid, watching the historical buildings, all the history that the city beholds, the museums, etc.

Finally I would go Ibiza, because after all that sightseeing I would need to hit some parties. First I would get to know Ibiza well, some touristic places, etc. But when the night falls, I would start hitting the parties until the morning of the next day.  So I think If I could go anywhere in the world I would take a trip to Spain because of their high level of soccer, specially to watch the team of my heart.