Imagine being separated from  your own people, your own land,  from your own country, the place where all your life has taken place on, where your family lives, imagine leaving forever the place that represents what you are. This is the story of Peeta Everdeen, a 17 year-old boy that was just finishing high school in Guatemala City, and was going on the trip he and his friends had planned since they were kids.

They were the two busiest months of his entire life, a lot of important events were taking place in Peeta’s life, he had just had his last day of school, done with his last week of exams and was preparing for the Prom Night. He and his friends decided that after 15 years of studying they were all going to take a trip together, the designated place: Europe! Parties, touristic places, adventures were the things they were looking for. They never imagined what was going to happen to them.

It was the day after Prom Night, everyone was extremely tired but their flight left early in the morning. First they went to New York to take the flight that would take them to the adventure land. They were all fast asleep when a beeping started going off, that waked them in a second, the captain was telling some indications to the crew and to the passengers. The lights went off and the plane started descending with the force of gravity pushing everyone in the plane forward. Peeta closed his eyes and for a moment he imagined he was somewhere else, thinking that probably this was a dream. The next few minutes were all fuzzy and confusing. He remembered hitting his head on every surface on the plane, his arms moving freely around the air and his legs stocked under what used to be the seat in front of him. When he came back to consciousness the only thing he felt was cold. 

Peeta immediately stood up and the first thing that came to his mind was check if everyone was ok. He took a big hit then, when he went row by row in the plane he saw everyone dead, the crew, the unknown passengers, and the most important: his long time friends, one by one he checked them and confirmed what he fear the most, they were dead. He looked at his surroundings, just to take another blow, he couldn’t seen anything, at first he thought his sight was failing because he could only see an eternal whiteness, then he realized it was snow.

That was the first time he felt real lonely, maybe he was still shocked or maybe he already accepted death but his survival was the least he was worried off. After a few minutes, hours for Peeta, the cold started getting in to him. The first thing that came to his mind was why was he here? He could probably be in his house, resting, with his family, happy, comfortable. Now he was cold, hungry, and lonely. He needed to know where he was. He went back to the plane, check on everything he could and he saw a map. The map had traced a line from New York, Greenland and across the sea, all the way to Europe. He was in Greenland. Perfect, no friends, no family, no food, no shelter, he felt miserable, exiled. He would probably never be back in his country. He knew from his global affairs class he took last year that in Greenland they spoke Greenlandic, a language that he knew nothing about.

After walking several miles he found a small town, with very few buildings and with very few people. Having visited many of those buildings trying to communicate with the people, asking for food and shelter he managed to get shelter in an old barn and some old bread. Peeta realized something; there was just one thing he wouldn’t miss about his country, violence. He was relieved he was in a place where you didn’t have to watch your back every second. But that relieveness only last for a couple of minutes, then he went back into the longing for his good old country.

The next morning when he woke up, he thought that it was going to be better, but it wasn’t like that, it seemed that all the sadness had accumulated in him. He proceeded to rise, say thank you to the owner of the house and the he took a walk in the woods. Nobody ever saw him again.