1.      I read everyday, in the reading period, in my house before I go to sleep, when I’m in the car. I read always. My favorite topics are fiction, mystery, but the most important is adventures. I have also read educational books, or books that give you tips for something. I find those books interesting and extremely helpful, but sometimes I get bored when I’m reading those.


2.      Yes, I like reading. No, I don’t like it, I love It! I like to read, because when I’m reading a good book, I found myself completely IN the book. Some stories get my attention, and is like watching a really good movie, or hearing a really good story.  I get anxious when I have to stop in a middle of a chapter.


3.      I think I’m a good reader because I read a lot. When I start reading, I start slow, trying to understand everything, and trying to remember important things, but once I get going I found myself reading really fast, because I want to know what happens next. Also because it helps me a lot. When I took my SAT all the stories there were not so interesting, and there were timed. So with my expierence on reading I manage to keep my attention focused on the topic, and read fast. Also it’s easier to comprenhend what’s the topic about.


4.      Yes, I read on my house. I read when we are on vacations. Mostly I read at nights, before I go to sleep. Sometimes when the book is a page-turner I read until it’s like 1 or 2 in the morning. Also sometimes I read to books at the same time, for example; last vacations I was reading a book for helping me take my SAT and an adventures book.

5.      Of all the books I have read my favorite is the Harry Potter series. I have read them a thousand times, in english and in spanish. I read those books since I was in 5th grade. My second favorite is the Eragon series, even though it is one more book to come, the 3 that I have read are amazing! I can’t wait for the 4th one to come out. I think that I’m reading my 3rd favorite series. The Hunger Games. I have not finished the last book, but for now I think it’s one of my favorite series, it depends on how it will end. Also I like mystery, I’m also reading Sherlock Holmes, and it’s good because it’s like Dr. House, and I love Dr. House. Another thing I like, are page-turners books, like the books from Dan Brown, I have read all of his books, and when I start a chapter I have to read a lot of them before I can stop.

6.      I write when there’s homework. I don’t write for pleasure. I don’t hate it though, sometimes when the homework is writing a story or something I even like it. I like when I’m already advanced in the story and I have created my characters and the plot is developing. I write things like stories, essays, poems, homework, etc.


7.      I like to write sometimes, but mostly just for homework. Maybe is because I don’t like to sit in my house and write about anything. I like to write a story once in a while in class. Also I like to write essays once in a while, so I can express my point of view and support it with ideas.

8.      I think I’m a fairly good writer. When I get the scores for my essays and my stories, I always have above-average grades. I think I write fairly good because I read a lot, and I can take the example of the writers that I read,and use them in my way.


9.      No, I don’t write outside school, maybe if it is a homework, but otherwise just in school and for school homewrk.


10.  A story we had to make in 10th grade. It was fantasy, and comedy at the same time. Maybe because that’s the kind of stuff I like to read, but I wrote it and I got a good grade. Also a couple of timed essays I did last year, because I couldn’t believe that I can write essays with so much details, facts, persuasive opinions in a short amount of time. I think I like them because when I was writing my story I got really interested in it, I used characters, events, examples of the books I’ve read and base my characters in that. Also the plot was a mix of a lot of books I have read, so it was pretty interesting, at least for me.


11.   I think is really important, for a lot of things. Like for getting in to university you have to be a good reader and writer, so you can make essays, read on time, etc. Also for having good habits, reading is really good and can help peple a lot.  But I think the most important reason is because you need to know some culture, know what’s happening , know what kind of topics writers write in this time. There is a saying that says “The Peple who read are the people who progress.