My name is Grendel. I am hungry, so I think I will go up to Herot. When the soldiers are sleep so it would be easier. I am really hungry and mean so  I will eat a couple of them and bring some back, for when I get hungry again. I think 30 soldiers would be enough for today.

I am walking silently, also I’m very good at this so I think nobody would hear me. I’m in now, and nobody realizes it. I walk into a room and it seems like a party just went on in here, and as I thought, everyone is sleep. I attacked every soldier on my way. It is so easy! I don’t even need a weapon, I just attacked them with my claws, and they die so easy it seems like a joke. I go one by one, just reaping their souls out of their bodies. When I’m done with some soldiers, I realize I’m hungry. So I eat some of them, they are not even that tasteful but they get the job done. Also, remember that I’m mean so I could eat them just for fun. Anyways I’m not just a mean, brainless monster, I’m smart too. So I think in the future I will get hungry, so for saving my energy and not come all the way up to here again, I will take some of this soldiers back to my lair and save them for a mid-day snack.

I don’t know why but it seems that I can’t touch the king, Hrothgar. Maybe is because he is protected by God or something like that, but doensn’t matter, he seems weak anyway. I think it’s enough for tonight so I will leave him alone, I killed the majority of his friends and soldiers anyway.

So I did this a lot of times, it was always as easy as the first time. I went in, slay some soldiers, ripped their lives with my claws, eat some, take some bodies back to my lair, and back again. I know the king is having a bad time, because I’m tearing apart his kingdom and nobody can stop me.

It is another day at work, I’m hungry tonight, so I think maybe some 30 soldiers would satisfy me again. It’s just the same routine, I come in silently, watch the soldiers sleep and attack the first one, it dies. Easy as ever. I see another one, I go directly to him, raise my claws, and then his hand stops my claws. Instantly my world changes completely, since the moment his hand stopped my claw I knew no man I ever killed was this strong. I’m decided to kill him, so I keep attacking him until we are immersed on a fight. I try to attack him with my claw, and suddenly he holds it, and pulls it. The next thing I know, is that I have no arm! Yeah, you read correctly, I have NO ARM!! In that same moment I knew that I couldn’t kill him without a complete arm, so I just have one thing left to do, It isn’t very noble, or brave, or heroic, or anything, but that’s not my job, so instead I RUN! I run the fastest I can, throughout the marshes and to my lair. Where I could hide, cowardly but safe and alive.