What are the attitudes that you hate the most about people? One of them must be phoniness. There are different types of personalities. Every person has different attitudes and no one is perfect. It’s true that you have to accept people for what they are and not try to change them but you wonder if it applies to all. I don’t have specific rules for a person to be my friend but I don’t like phony people. This could be a guide that can help you find, avoid and tell you what to do when you are face to face with phoniness.

Throughout your live you will find and meet a lot of people, each with a different attitude, a different personality, etc. Each of those people will be unique, that means with specific characteristics. You probably like certain types of people with certain and specific attitudes, but there will be always something that you don’t like about them. That is because no one is perfect and while they will have some things that you like you will also have things that you don’t like. You can meet a person that you  think is near perfection, that he likes the same things that you like, is funny, responsible, but if he’s a phony all those things you like about him, change to nothing.

When you are a kid your parents tell you that you don’t have to judge people, because you will never know what they might be going through. They also tell you that you don’t have to change people so you like them. You are supposed to accept people for what they are and what they like. So that means that if you know someone phony, stay away from him because he could harm you. You have to avoid phoniness at all costs.

I don’t have specific rules for a person to be my friend. I decide if a person could be my friend until I have met that person. That’s probably the reason why some of my friends are completely different from each other. Some might be funny but bad persons; others might be boring but good persons, etc. But they are my friends, because I trust them and I know there’s a part of them that I like. I can’t really stand a person that is a phony, I hate phoniness. Like I said, I don’t have specific rules for a person to by my friend, but I just know that a phony person can’t be my friend.

Of all the people you will meet in you live, you might get to know someone who is really cool, but if he is a phony all that “coolness” that you liked about him doesn’t matter at all, phoniness can transform a cool person to the worst person you will ever meet. You are not to judge other people, so if you meet a phony don’t judge him or try to change him, just stay away from him. Doesn’t matter if your friends are bad people, jokers, or whatever, probably you like them, but if they are phony, they are not friends. Phoniness is not a joke, is the worst attitude that a person might have.