What does it mean to grow up, to become a young adult?

To grow up means to be more mature. To have more knowledge for making better decisions. That may be one of the meanings. Another meaning could be to grow as a person, to grow in years and become a young adult. Young adults have important decisions to make, decisions that could influence their future.Young adults also need to taking life more seriously and to take care of the responsabilities that they have. As a person grows more and more responsabilities are given to them, also they become more important, and it is expected that he takes care of them.

What challenges do teenagers face on their way to adulthood?

They have to accept the changes that are going in their bodies, also their change in their mood and personality. They have to face the decisions and responsabilities that they will be on their way. Also the peer pressure is one of the most important things that teenagers have to face, because they have to say no to the things that could ruin their lives.

How does society help or hinder that path?

Society hinders the path of the teenagers. That is because our society is based on how persons see each others, and how they behave when they are with different persons. Society difficults the paths of the teenagers because sometimes you will have to do things that you don’t want or things that are wrong, because society expects you to do that, and if you want to be accepted by society it is necessary that you do that things.

How do your parents help or hinder that path?

My parents help me to overcome the challenges that I have to face on my way to adulthood. Because no matter how I am, or what I like they will always support me. They are always trying to do what´s best for me eventhough I don’t like it, but they know that it will be better for my future.