1. At the beginning of the story the narrator tells about his family.  What does he say about his parents and his brother?

He says that his family is nice and all, but that they are also touchy as hell. About his brother, he says that he visited him almost every weekend, before he went to Hollywood. He also says that he is a very wealthy man who has a Jaguar, and he used to be just a regular writer.

2. Why was the narrator expelled from Pencey Prep School?

He was flunking four subjects, and didn’t start applying. Also he says that Pencey was very rigorous with the average scores.

3.Where is this School located?

Agerstown, Pennsylvania.

4. What time of year is it?

Winter, December.

5. List and explain the events that take place that day:

  • The football game against Saxon Hall
  • Holden went to Spencer’s house.
  • He went back to his room and Ackley and Stradlater arrived.
  • He went with Ackley to Agertown, and had a hamburger and played the pinball machine for a little while.
  • He wrote the composition for Stradlater.
  • Holden Fought with Stradlater.
  • Holden went to New York.

6.Who were his friends at Pencey?  How does he describe them?

Stradlater, who was a handsome guy, with a good build and was a secret slob. And Ackley, who was kind of nasty guy that never washes his teeth and that he, had a lousy hygiene.

7.Which is the only class he passed?  Why?

English, because he had already seen it, he had already read all that Beowulf and Lord Randal My Son stuff when he was at the Whooton School, and he used to write compositions once in a while.

8.Who are “phony people” according to Holden?

People who pretend to have a different behavior, fake or false people.

9.How does Holden feel about books?

He feels very enthusiastic about books, he likes to read a lot, especially classical, war, and mystery books. He is very passionate with it.

10.  What things bother Holden about his next-door neighbor at the dorm, Ackley?

That he always was picking in his personal stuff and looked at it, he never washed his teeth, that he always looked mossy and awful, because he was kind of nasty guy, and his lousy manners.

11.  What is Stradlater like? What is Holden’s opinion of him?

He is always in a big hurry, he has these very broad shoulders, is a handsome guy, and also a secret slob. Holden’s opinion is that is he is a pretty friendly guy, and that he is partly a phony kind of friend.

12.  What kind of friend is Holden?  Give evidence.

He is a very loyal, and a trustful friend. He shows it when he helps Stradlater with his composition.

13.  What happened to Holden’s brother?

He got leukemia and died.

14.  What is his opinion of him?

He says he was a very intelligent, and is the nicest family member.

15.  What is the topic of the paper Holden writes for Stradlater?

He wrote about his brother Allie’s baseball mitt.

16.  Who is Jane Gallagher? What trouble spurred because of her?

She was Stradlater’s date, and Holden kind of knew her. Holden started fighting because Stradlater told Holden that Stradlater gave Jane “the time” in the car.

17.  How did Holden feel about her? Use evidence to support your answer.

Holden felt jealous and he shows it when he gets mad at Stradlater. Holden probably liked Jane so that’s why he is jealous.

18.  After the fight, why do you think Holden says “I felt lonesome, all of a sudden.  I almost wish I was dead.”

He felt that way because he was fighting probably the one person that he liked as a friend. And also because he was fighting for someone who probably didn’t care about him, and he felt that most of the people were giving him the back as he was kicking out from Pencey Prep.

19.  What can you infer about Holden’s concept of friendship?

He probably doesn’t have any good friends, because he is constantly moving from schools. Also he doesn’t have found a person that is like him or that has the same interest as he does, so he probably doesn’t have a best friend. So for him a friendship might be something short, just being able to talk to someone for a short time.

20.  What is Holden’s plan for the next few days?

He has decided to take a room in a hotel in New York, and then go home all rested up and with a feeling of swell. Because he has already been expelled from Pencey, he will leave early.

21.  What aspects of Holden’s opinion of adults are evident in his conversation with Mrs. Morrow?

That he finds most adults dope, and boring. He was very impressed with Mrs. Morrow, that she was very charming and had good sex appeal.

22.  Once Holden is in Manhattan he takes a room in a hotel, what does he see there?

He saw one guy putting his suitcase on the bed and taking out all women clothes, and put them on.Then looked the guy looking at himself in the mirror.

23.  Based on his comment on the girl being spit on, what is his attitude towards women?

His attitude toward women is that if you don’t like a girl, you shouldn’t be fooling around at all with them, and if you like her you are supposed to be respectful with them, even though is a lot of fun sometimes.

24.  Describe Holden’s little sister. How does he feel about her?

She has nice, pretty little ears, she’s ten, she’s quite skinny, and she has sort of red hair.  Holden feels very proud about her, he says she is very nice and smart