A good example could be when Stradlater asks him to write a composition for him. Eventhough that Holden isn’t a really good friend of Stradlater, and doen’t like him much he writes the composition for him.

I think I’m a pretty good friend. A lot of my friends are so different between them and I can’t explain why I like both. I don’t have a specific code or rules on which I base myself for making new friends. I usually like a friend that makes me laugh, but anyone could be my friend.

I don’t have a specific way on putting my friends in different categories. I just know if I like to hang with them or if I don’t. The way I difference between a person that is the real deal or just phony is by knowing how much I talk to them. Sometimes I speak to some of my friends just in class, so our friendship is just as classmates but I have friends that I talk afterschool, or on weekends, in parties, when there’s a sports game, etc. So I guess they are the real deal.

The 5 Golden Qualities of a True Friend

  1. Be funny.
  2. Be happy.
  3. Like Sports.
  4. Be loyal.
  5. Joke a lot.