A good strategy to change the many ecology problems that our planet is having is to encourage the use of recyclable materials. The amount of waste that the school produce is gigantic, and all of this waste is thrown away as normal garbage. Even though the school already has a program to recycle paper it isn’t enough. This problem is bigger than just paper. It includes plastic, cans, metal and a lot of other stuff. So what I am proposing is that there should be a program to instead of recycling just paper, recycle also plastic, cans, and other stuff.

The first step should be the use of recyclable materials from the beginning, so it would be easier to recycle, because you would start recycling from the first step of the process. I think plastic is the second most used material in school. 9th graders already have a program for paper, so 11th graders should have a program for plastic. It would reduce a lot of waste in the school’s trash cans. 9th graders strategy is good because they just have to put a box in each class and the class should put the recycle paper on it. But a better strategy it would be, to each day go class by class picking up plastic bottles, also go to the cafeteria to pick up plastic bottles, and a good help would be posters for reminding the students to save the plastic bottles for when we go by the class.

Talking about 9th graders project, I think that the project is effective, but another idea, would be that instead of recycling that is the end of the process, because the paper has already been used, we should try to reduce the amount of paper used in the school. For example, workshits, essays, and other homework should be done by computer, and instead of printing, it should be sent it to the teachers so it would reduce a big amount of paper. The idea of this blog is good, all teachers should use it, and I’m sure that if we ask the students, a lot of students would be prefer the email homework or the blog instead of the hand-written or the printed work, because it is faster to write in a computer than to write by hand.

Based on the use of technology for the saving of our resources like paper. It would also be a good idea that the school permitted the use of personal laptops in class. The only resource laptops could affect would be energy, but I think Earth could afford the use of energy way better than the use of paper. So instead of using notebooks for taking notes you could use your laptop, like in university, it would be easier, faster and way more helpful for the planet.

This strategy would be a long process. We can’t expect that in a few days there would be a lot of  recycling, the students may realize what damage they are doing to the earth and start changing, in a long time. So  everyone that is thinking that when they recycle would have no effect in the overall recycling process, should change that mentality, because little by little there would be a lot of recycling and we can avoid the earth becoming a giant trashcan.