If I could have a super power I would like to posses the ability of using magic to help people when they are in trouble. Magic would make a lot of things easier, like protecting people from being harmed or avoiding risks. After natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes I could rebuild houses and buildings with my superpower.I would fight crime and lock down all the thieves and murderers.

This would help a lot of people.It would prevent unnecessary disasters, fix things it would be rather impossible to fix. It would even be economic! Since you don’t have to spend any money in reparations or paying someone to fix the damage or even save the money of materials.

The super power would consist that through a flow of magic in my body, that could be released with a magic wand or with my hand with or without words, I could produce magic. I would create any type of magic, since destroying objects to simply moving things around.

Having such an amazing power it would also be dangerous, because this power in the wrong hands could cause a lot of trouble. So there would be an important rule. The more big, amazing, or complicated the magic is, the more energy it takes from you. So if you perform a spell that it would kill a lot of people or destroy a town it would kill you because it would take away too much energy.

My super power would’ve been too good to be true. It would also be unique, and almost unlimited. It might left you very tired but happy because all of the things you’ve done. The most important thing is that it would be a lot of fun to use it, and besides of being fun you would be able to help a lot of people.