• Was the Atlantic slave trade exclusive to North America and the Caribbean? No, the trade was with all of America, including South America and Central America also the west indies and Europe.
  • Where did the majority of slaves arrive at during the late 1700s and 1800s? In South America, Brazil.
  • How many slaves were brought to Central America? What happened to them? 200,000 slaves,  they were forced to do hard work and some died of it, and others because of the poor living conditions.
  • What happened to other real-life africans in the slave trade? They had normal lives and then they were taken and sold as slaves.
  • Choose one of the characters Asante
    • Where do you think modern slavery takes place in our country? I think that slavery in Guatemala is represented a lot by the children who beg on the streets, because many of them are forced to do it by their parents or other people. If they don’t, they get beaten up and may end up in the hospital. Also many children are forced to work in all sort of places at ages that it’s illegal, ages were they should be studying not working.
    • What situations can promote slavery/forced labor? Informal business can promote the abuse of kids, because no one is supervising that type of business. Also Illegal activities use kids to maintain a low profile and because they are easier to manipulate and control. Poverty may also promote this kind of things because in time of need, parents are capable of selling or giving away their children thinking they’ll have a better life. Sometimes parents force them to work, because they do not have a work, or they are drug addicts or alcoholics.