Origin Myth

Once upon a time, there was a God named The Great God. He had a wife and since a long time they have been discussing what to do with the world. It was empty and without life. One day they had a big fight and the chief’s wife began to cry. She cried and cried for years. His tears began falling from the sky and the ocean was created.

The Great God was so angry because he couldn’t make his wife happy that he took the chair were he was sitting and broke it into pieces and throw it down. When they touched the ground, trees and plants start growing. When the wife saw this she decided to descend form the sky because she was very angry with the Great God and live in the world that was created. She told him that she didn’t want him to come with her.

The God respect her decision and decided not to go with his wife. The time passed and the Great God saw her from the sky and he realized that she was unhappy and lonely. So he decided to send all the parts of his body to be with her. He sent first his arms, and when they feel the wind of the trees they became in birds. Then his hands transformed in all the fishes when they sunk in the water. The feet into the insects and the legs became in all the mammals.

When she realize that the Great God do all this only for her, she was very happy and make a promise to love his husband until his death and that she will take care of all the animals. And so the humans and the animals start living together in a caring environment.