1. What is binge drinking? Define it. What does it do to your body? your brain?

Binge drinking is drinking until you pass out, it could be from 4 to 5 drinks. It affects your brain, making you forget about what you did when you were drinking, also it affects your body by doing things you would not do in public, or not walking straight or talking different.

2. What are the dangers of binge drinking (in terms of medical, safety and moral issues)

The bladder may rupture if it is overfilled and not emptied. A person is more likely to urinate while passed out before the bladder ruptures. It may also cause overdose that can lead to death

3. Do girls and guys have the same alcohol resistance?

No. girls have less resistance

4. What actions can you take to avoid passing “the point of no return”? Should you try to avoid it? Why?

You can try to control yourself and just have a couple of drinks, or you can stop drinking when you are feeling deezy. Yes because you harm your body and your brain, and also it is not cool when you throw up or something.

5. What actions should you take to protect your friend from the dangers of binge drinking? Should you intervene?

Tell him when he has drink enough, or convincing him to stop drinking. Yes, good friends should intervene and stop their friends from getting drunk and harming themselves.

6. Last week you wrote about respect. What does your self-respect and dignity have to do with binge drinking?

If you respect your body and yourself you should not binge drink because the things you do when you are drunk, take away your dignity and your respect.